Image & Style Consulting

Rounding Out the New Perspective of Yourself


 Often times the exterior of an individual can mirror or mask what one’s spirit is feeling. I like to offer image consulting as a way to round out the hard work and growth accomplished from the Perspective Guidance Mentorship. You may develop a whole new self and desire to also change the way the world initially views you. It may also be that you are perfectly happy with the style and image you have created for yourself. Whatever you feel your growth has developed I am happy to share in the journey with you. 

What Defines Your Style?


  Style is only as complicated as one makes it. Striving to look your best is not only a complement to you, but those around you. I am not trying to dress one like they will be walking the runway or present in an exotic photo shoot. Instead, I want to help the everyday person present themselves in the best light. Whether it be for business, going out with friends, or taking a weekend trip to Vegas, I can help you achieve the look that works best with your personality, style, and body shape. Fashion does not need to be scary and it also does not mean that you have paparazzi following you. Style is simply what makes you feel and look your best. When you feel and look your best you will have the confidence to walk the runway of life as you sign autographs (checks, school notes, reports, etc.) along the way. You are a rock star to many, and you deserve to get a second opinion on that 70’s inspired outfit or that cocktail dress that’s barely seen the light of day. You should take advantage of the beauty you offer to others and dress for the part. It will be the best money you’ve spent on yourself in years. Trust me, your friends and colleagues will notice! 

Each of us are unique. We all have our own personal preferences, our own set of likes and dislikes, and our own assets and limitations. As a result, we eventually develop our own distinct style. However, as we evolve throughout life we can sometimes lose sight of who we are and as a result, finding outfits that suit our shape, personality, and lifestyle can be very challenging. Having the input and guidance from an experienced Image Consultant can help you redefine your personal style. My passion is helping people find and define their own individual style and express it through clothing and fashion, and I can offer a fresh and unique perspective that will help you turn heads. A new style can be life changing, and I will help you through each step of the way. 

Working Together to Make You Look and Feel Your Best!


I will focus on:

· Teaching you how to make positive decisions about your image, style, and lifestyle

· Thoroughly evaluating your personality, physical attributes, and style to provide you with the most appropriate and suitable fashion choices

· Offering guidance and recommendations on how to create a complete outfit, including accessories and footwear

· Choosing clothing and accessories that complement your personality, style, lifestyle, and physical attributes.

· Looking beyond just clothing and working with things like color schemes.

· Providing insight into how clothing should be worn, and finding the best pieces for your body type and lifestyle

· Having fun with shopping, piecing together outfits, and creating your image – looking good and feeling your best should not be a chore!

All Styling is based on an hourly rate of $100/hour. Not only will we work on creating a more unique and appealing you on the outside, but we will work on self love, confidence and perspective of individual reality. 

When or Why You Would Need a Fresh Look


· Reinventing your style: Are you getting a little bored with what you’re pulling out of your closet? Would you maybe like to step a little out of comfort zone with your wardrobe, but you’re not sure where to start? I can assist in reinventing your style, no matter how subtle or drastic you’re looking to take it.

· Change in appearance: Maybe you shed some unwanted pounds, or drastically changed your hairstyle after wearing it the same year after year. Whatever it may be, it can feel like a challenge dressing the “new you”. Let me step in and help you find what works to celebrate and compliment your new look.

· You feel like you have nothing to wear: Do you keep digging through your closet, disappointed in just about everything you see? By working with a stylist, I can help you find classic pieces that will last years (thanks to their quality AND style) that pair not only with each other, but with your body type and lifestyle. 

· Mommy makeover: You deserve to look and feel your best, whether you’re an empty-nester now as your kids have all flown the coop, or a new mommy looking for a quick and easy way to take care of yourself between taking care of your little ones.


  · New career / career change: Why not celebrate a new job with a new look? You may be starting in a different industry or just with a different company, but whatever the change may be, a refreshed look can help you get off on the right foot.

· Family photoshoot: Your images will last a lifetime, so you want to be sure you look your best. I can help design the right look for every member of your family, regardless of age.

· Graduation photos: High school and college graduation photos only happen once, so make them extra special with styling tailored just for the graduate.


· Engagement / wedding party: Weddings can be stressful as it is, so why not make things a little easier by bringing in someone to help with your style, or that of the wedding party, or mother of the bride? Best of all, the looks can be coordinated to guarantee a gorgeous, consistent look on your special day.


· Date night: Surprise your partner with a new look whether you hit the town or enjoy a special night in.

· Getting back on the dating scene: Put your best foot forward as you get back on the dating scene, with not only a new look, but a newfound air of confidence too. 

· Parties and celebrations: What better reason to get dolled up than for a party? Whatever the occasion may be – from birthdays to retirements, to baby showers or holiday soirees, why not show up looking your very best?

  · Vacation time: Wherever your vacation may take you, from the warm beaches of the Caribbean, to the slopes of Aspen, or the nightlife of the Vegas Strip, I can help style a look for you next adventure.