Love & Relationships

  The dating scene can be intimidating whether you’re 20 or 60, divorced, widowed, just curious, or seeking a long-term partner. It doesn’t have to be though – I want to help make dating fun again! It’s all about connecting with another person, and that’s something that should be enjoyed, not feared. 

Areas of Development


  • The art of conversation, including flirting, texting/chatting and phone conversations
  •  Dress to impress, not only for potential suitors, but for yourself as well
  • Creating or improving your online dating profile
  • Where to find other singles
  • Tips for speed dating
  • Conversation starters (and conversation continuers
  • Love vs Lust
  • Body language
  • What to say/How to act
  • Qualities you need vs qualities you want
  • How to keep his/her interest
  • When to love/when to let go
  • Emotional and physical safety
  • Divorce/lost love

Dating & Courtship


 I am here to guild you through the new age of dating. From evaluating your online dating profile (if applicable), guidance on overcoming shyness and developing your approach and communication skills to understanding your needs vs desires, how to represent yourself to attack your ideal mate and how to hold another’s interests. Dating today is lacking of the organic nature and more focused on web based apps and thus many people find the new age of dating unfulfilling. You may have found the some in that is it harder then ever to truly make a connection. We are a society of social beings with lonely souls. I will help you to create an honest and raw representation of yourself both online and in person. This will help to not only define yourself but also clarify what are the important aspects you truly desire in a mate and what aspects of yourself you are willing to give. Once this is defined, I will help you to create a system that attracts those whom you wish to find you of interest.

I also want you to put your best foot forward and I commend you for that, and am eager to help! Together we will put together a look that’s sure to turn heads and boost your confidence, as well as represent your own personal style.

Relationships & Love



One of the most advantageous skills that one can have in this socially driven world we inhabit, is how to build long lasting relationships. While this is not an innate behavior, we as a social species all wish to possess this in our lives. The ability to build instant and meaningful friendships as well as romantic connections must be learned. Once mastered, this simple skill will be life changing no matter your age, gender, or income level.