Business Consulting

How I will help you on your path to greater success:

How I will help you on your path to greater success:

• Determining and resolving your crutch(es)

• Evaluating your bottom line

• Marketing and branding innovation

• Personalized coaching

• Image and design guidance

• Recognizing your competition and identifying your unique value proposition

• Productivity and time management

• Networking assistance

• Assessing your use of technology and social media

• Conflict resolution

• Healthy work / life balance

• Learning to have fun and enjoy the day-to-day duties and challenges that come with your business

Why Choose to Work with Me

What qualifies me to help you build or restore your business? For starters, I am an accomplished businesswoman. In 2008, I took a fearless leap of faith in myself and jumped head first into the entrepreneurial pool. In eight years, I turned a concept of a start-up business into one producing nearly a million dollars per year. I had never run my own business before, but I knew that I had the forward-thinking ability, creative energy, leadership qualities, motivation, and hustle to make it happen!

My forward thinking allowed me to think outside the box in a business full of old school thought. My creative energy allowed me to market myself and business in various ways again outside of the norm. My involvement as a team player and leader is what kept communication and time management a reality. My motivation and hustle led me to make it happen every day, even when I seemed to be running in circles.

The saying "don't give up…" must be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Being the "owner" or "CEO" of a start-up business does not mean you get to sit back and cash the checks. That takes years to accomplish. This one dream or concept will crush a business before the website is even live. Running a business - whether it be a new business or a multi-million dollar corporation - must be worked and worked properly, every day and every year until that business is sold. This is the ultimate goal of a business owner - to have a product that possesses a profitability factor allowing them to sell all of their blood, sweat, and tears. Yes, all three, which creates a great revenue to retire with. This is the goal, and this is not accomplished at the starting line.

A business is an economic organization that must change and grow with time. Have you found yourself saying, “Don’t fix it if it is not broken?” Well, if you have not been constantly updating or growing your business it may not broke, but it may be time for a good tune-up. Running a business is hard work, to put it lightly. This is why 33% of new businesses fail in the first year, while 50% fail by the fifth year. Of those businesses left, only 33% will remain in business after the 10-year mark.

I encourage you to see the issues you are facing with your business as a challenge and a place to grow from rather than perceive them as a problem, and to view these challenges as an advantage. Often times if one is able to change their viewpoint they begin to see solutions instead of issues. This is where I come in. I have not been in the trenches with you (yet), so I see things with clear perspective, from a bird’s eye view.

If you are a new business owner or a business owner who is struggling in the modern age, I am here to help you take your business to the next level. I am here to help you "live the American Dream" of business ownership, which will allow you time to enjoy life as a business owner AND as the profitable seller of a successful business. Don't let your fears hold you back from accomplishing your dreams. You are able to have it all, and I am here to help show you how that’s possible. It's not going to be an easy journey, but it will be worth it!   

Business Consulting Services

  • Brainstorming: Let’s take your ideas straight from the drawing board and make them a reality! Or, if you’re struggling to get your idea off of the ground, let’s work together to conceptualize the product, service, brand, or idea that you’re looking to achieve.
  • Personal coaching: This is a chance to help you improve your business by improving yourself! We will examine your goals and ambitions, your values, strengths, weaknesses, fears, and even habits personally and professionally to develop strategies and tools to take your business and life to the next level.
  • Event, brand, or product promotion: I want to help take your event, brand, or product to the next level! Whether it’s face-to-face promotion through networking or events, creating physical or digital marketing collateral, or utilizing social media accounts or your website to talk up your event, brand, or product, I can help you with creative, fun, and effective promotional ideas.
  • Event planning: From an intimate office meeting for half a dozen employees to a formal dinner for 100 of your closest business associates, I can help make your event one to remember! Allow me to assist you with the design, venue, menu, itinerary, logistics, and more, so your event will go off without a hitch.
  • Staff management: Your staff will work better as a team, however, it sometimes takes a little effort to get everyone on the same page. I can help manage your staff in areas including communication, delegation, and time management, to bring everyone working together in harmony.
  •  Team building: Are you experiencing a little bit of office drama, or are you just wanting you and your team to mesh and work better as one? Whatever the reason, team building is an important aspect of any business to bring employees closer together inside AND outside of the office. 
  • Project management: Are you needing some direction with your project, no matter how big or small it may be? I can help define your goals, keep it on track time-wise and on budget, help you delegate the necessary responsibilities, and see it through to the very end!